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    • The full moon’s effects on nature and human behavior has existed for centuries and are characterized by myths of the magic produced by the full moon. The Moon is full in mysterious Scorpio, opposite the Sun in earthy Taurus. What will happen? What sort of magic emerges when transformation meets sensuality and pleasure?Taurus is fertile. Scorpio regenerates. The ’Conception Action Pack’will assist you to conceive quickly and easily. Provides dates for the next 4 or 12 months Numerous aboriginal tribes around the world conduct elaborate fertility rituals when the moon is full. Prof Buju Adam worships the moon as the giver of virility to men and fertility to women. Professor Buju Adam takes you through an elaborate Full Moon rituals to be initiated into the mysteries of sex while the women pray to the moon before marriage for the power to give sexual satisfaction to their husbands. Contact: Prof Buju Adam Tel:+27838727843 Email: info@www.wonderspellcaster.com
  • Published 13/02/2018 0 35
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